Get the edge on selling your home with these tips


  1. Colour & Paint                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Neutral colours is what we want when trying to sell your home. Everyone has a favourite colour but now isn’t the time to show it off. Paint is one of the easiest and cost efficient ways to update a space and really change the feeling of a room. 

If you are looking for inspiration on what colours to choose check out to view their colour trends for the year. You will notice they are mostly all neutral shades which is a perfect choice for selling your home.

2.  Accessories & Add colour

Now that you have a neutral background you can use some of your accessories to add a splash of colour wether that be an area rug, pillows on your couch or bed, or some artwork.  This is an area where you can have some fun with out costing a lot of money. The pieces you choose to add a splash of colour don’t have to be expensive as they are most likely something you wont have for long but can really add some character to your home. 

3.  Art Placement

When using artwork placement is key! Make sure that you are placing artwork somewhere in the sight line that someone is going to see when walking into a space. Make sure you consider the scale of the art piece, you don’t want a small photo on a big wall it will look lonely and out of place. If you don’t have a big piece of art for a big wall consider grouping some smaller pieces together.  Whats the ideal height to hang art? You want to hang art so that its midpoint is between 57 and 63 inches from the floor. If you ceilings are higher than 8ft artwork can be hung a little higher. 

4. Mirrors

Be selective when using mirrors while staging your home you don’t want to have to many, but they are great accessories to add to a section of your house that maybe isn’t getting much natural light or maybe feeling a little small. The mirror will help reflect light into the space to brighten it up and make it feel bigger. 

5. Freshen and Update towels 

This one is pretty self explanatory, potential buyers will want to see that your home is well taken care of and has been maintained over the years. A quick and easy way to help give off this impression is by replacing old and tired towels. You cant beat white towels when it comes to freshening up a room they help add the clean and spa like feel to your house. 

6.  Lighting 

Lighting is so important! Do you ever just walk into a dark room and it feels well dark? Lighting can really transform a room, potential buyers want to see a while lit room! So if you have a room thats feeling a little dark add a floor lamp, table lamp or some kind of light to bring some brightness to the room. Just make sure whatever type of light you add to the room goes with the theme of that room. 

If you have lots of lights and lamps and they just seem to be dim consider changing the light bulb to something brighter and more energy efficient like a L.E.D bulb the room will look brighter and your saving on energy bills! When a showing is scheduled remember to open all the blinds to let as much natural light in. 

7. Function of the space

Have an extra room thats just being used as storage or maybe a bedroom you use as an exercise room? Clean out all your stuff and move the exercise equipment to to the garage! 

Consider staging this room as an actual bedroom when having your house listed for sale. Potential buyers will be able to visualize the bedroom for what it actually is not a boring empty storage room. If your looking for an easy way to make it look like a bedroom get an air mattress and prop it up on something to look like a full-size bed. Some cardboard boxes or milk crates work well for this, just remember to add skirting around the bottom so no-one sees that. Make the bed and add a bedside table to make it look like a real bedroom that someone is using and it will help buyers see the room as an actual bedroom and not storage. 


I can not stress this one enough as it is so easy to do! When listing your house especially for photos and for when you know there will be a showing take the time to give your house a good clean. Having a clean house helps potential buyers see that your house has been well taken care of and this is huge to someone who is looking to make probably one of the biggest purchases of their life! The house will look so much more attractive and really stand out from the rest of the showings if yours is clean compared to others! 

9. Scent 

Usually forgotten about the sense of small does play a role in selling a property!

This is a bit of a tricky one as you don’t want people to think you are trying to mask a smell of something in your house. Let's be real everyones house has a distinct smell which can come from many things, your cooking, your cleaning, and the area your house is in. As I mentioned in the previous point it is important to keep your hours clean it will help with any aromas which may be in your house. Some of the best scents to use for showings are, citrus, herbs, vanilla, green tea, and pine/cedar. Great ways to get the smell into your house are candles, simmer pots, and oil-diffusers. 

10. Depersonalize 

We all have pictures of kids/family/friends hanging around and maybe even have some sports trophies on display from your glory days but right now isn’t the time to show those off we are here to sell your home and when selling your home you want top dollar!

In order to get the most you have to look the best and really make people see themselves living In your home and they aren’t going to do that by staring at photos of your family and friends. You want potential buyers to walk in and visualize where they would be putting their own stuff.  So lets take down the photos and trophies until we sell your home and then we can take them out again at your new place! 


This one seems obvious but is very rarely actually done. When selling your house its a perfect time to really go through your belongings to see what matters too you and what doesn’t. If its just collecting dust consider selling it or donating it to someone who will get better use out of it. 

By decluttering you help maximize your space and this will help you get the most for your house. Not only are you making it feel bigger but you’re making it more welcoming to potential buyers. Lets clean off those book shelves, and counters! In order to get you the most money for your house lets show it clean and clutter free! 


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